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Reflex and Rebel by voirdire99
Reflex and Rebel
Went ahead and through down the 2-up to see how the armors look together.

Not that they're a couple or anything.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Well, there would be something wrong with that because they're like twins ... Oh, the hell with it.
Rebel Armor by voirdire99
Rebel Armor
So this is Reflex's 'twin,' Rebel, in his armor. I say 'twin' because they're both from the same synthezoid vat. They have similar abilities -- photographic reflexes, heightened agility, etc. They're basically just fighter types with an extra gimmick.

I went a little overboard with all the rivets. You'd have to be insane to try to draw this character in a regular comic, though. Same with Reflex's outfit. But it's fun to go off the deep end with the initial design before dialing it back to something more reasonable. I do dig the mask as a projected heads-up display. I think I'll definitely keep that when I get around to scaling the suit back.

Art is fun.
Reflex Armor by voirdire99
Reflex Armor
Getting a few characters knocked out before I head out to Germany for a couple months. Reflex here is one from my superhero concept, the Omega Sect, from a book tentatively titled 'Opposite Sects' Opposite Sects Layout by voirdire99 That title is me being 'clever.'

Anyway, I've been wanting to re-design his armor for awhile. As I was packing for Germany I came across my copy of 'Batmobile: The Complete History,' and -- ever the victim of ADD that I am -- took some inspiration from the design of the Tumbler to design his new armor. I always loved the look of the Tumbler and especially its partial inspiration coming from the Stealth Bomber and Stealth Fighter. I love the plated look of the Tumbler's armor and synapses starting firing and ... A few hours later we've got Reflex's new armor.

Well, maybe more than a few hours.

I'm still thinking of throwing his cape back on him. It's good for misdirection and such and I could maybe put some kind of fancy-shmancy pattern on it to imply that it's got some camouflage capabilities. I also think the contrast would look cool.

So while his new outfit is pretty Dark Knight-looking, it was actually inspired by Batman's ride. I just can't decide what to do for his mask now. It was originally just a tied-on domino mask, then I used face paint, but whatever I do needs to fit with the plated armor look. Maybe I should go with a helmet ... What do y'all think?

Now I just need to re-design his brother's armor, too ...
Black Lion 2up by voirdire99
Black Lion 2up

Still not sure which version I prefer more.

Another redesign for my PDSH crew. This one is BLACK LION, a guy I've been itching to get at ever since I started going through the PDSH wiki. The original was a white guy and big game hunter who decided to go after more dangerous prey -- criminals. My version is an African man who was a poacher before some ultra-rich types tricked him into being the prey in their own game of human hunting. Almost killed and left for dead, he's found by an actual black lion, Koroo, a mythic creature who restores the man's life and imbues him with powers similar to those of a lion -- heightened senses, an uncanny tracking ability, strength, speed, claws, a rough tongue ... Black Lion is kind of like a human sidekick to Koroo, who charges our guy with hunting and killing those who would upset the natural order. 

BLACK LION originally published by Fox Features, created by George Peters (…
KOROO originally published by Bilaro Publishing, creator unknown (…
Finally getting some time to myself out here in Lithuania and I managed to crank out some bloggery. So if you like my shit -- and I hope you do -- head on over to and give it a read. Hopefully I'll be able to get some regular blogging done as I wind down my rotation out here.

It's been a fun couple of months but I'm ready to get back to Denver.



Sky Marshal customized poster!
Sky Marshal Propaganda Poster6-01 by voirdire99
Sky Marshal Propaganda Poster5-01 by voirdire99
Sky Marshal Propaganda Poster-01 by voirdire99
Sky Marshal Propaganda Poster2-01 by voirdire99
Due to the popularity of the Sky Marshals propaganda line, I've decided to open them up to having YOUR LIKENESS drawn into the poster! Just provide me with a couple of head shots of yourself and choose the poster version you prefer. I need a head-on view for sure, but a 1/4 and side view will certainly benefit me with achieving the likeness. I'll provide you with the exclusive digital art that includes your name and chosen 'call sign' next to your likeness!

Funds from this 'Sky Bond' drive are going to a major project I'll be announcing soon with Wicked Studios LLC! If you want to see the Sky Marshals in action then sign up for your exclusive poster today!


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Former Army Guard photojournalist, former Kubert student, former jaywalker, former ... a lot of things. Now I work on my own stuff and freelance to pay for it. That's all I do.


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Love some of your awesome character designs and was wondering if it was cool if I gave a few of your OC's a shot in my style?
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Cool, thanks! Have a blast with 'em! Just don't forget the attribution and send me links so I can have fun checking 'em out for myself!
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Happy belated birthday, sir. Hope it was a good one.
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It sucked, for the most part, but at least I spent it somewhere exotic and got paid for it!

I didn't even get any particularly good photos of the airborne drop.
Mijder Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2014
Yeah, I hate it why I don't get good pictures of my airborne drops.
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I had to shoot it from the ground. You can never get into the DZ to get close enough for good photos, no matter how good of a zoom lens they give you. I've got some great photos from inside a Black Hawk from a few weeks ago, though. Inside the aircraft is where the good shots are.
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